“I believe all women are pretty without makeup- but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.” ~Bobbi Brown

Nothing ignites my passion or sets my soul on fire like the creative outlet and artistry that I find in makeup. Whether you are a complete makeup novice or looking to take your technique to the next level, these posts can guide and inspire you along your journey!

Makeup Brushes 101
  If At First You Don’t Succeed…. I have fostered a borderline obsessive relationship with hair and makeup since I
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Long-Lasting Makeup Products and Techniques
As a self-professed makeup junkie, I have rotated to through an enormous number of products in the last three decades
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The Best Hair Products & Tools
  If there is one lesson we as woman all learn as we age, it’s that our hair ages right
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Liquid Lipstick Lowdown
Liquid lipstick has come a long way, baby! A few years ago, when the concept of lipstick in a lip
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Makeup Your Mind; My Daily Makeup Routine
It’s Friday which means that I’m discussing my one true love in life; makeup. I love clothes and fashion, but
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Top 5 Solid Eyeliners
Last week I brought you my Top 5 Liquid Eyeliners. While I am a huge fan of liquid eyeliner, there
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PSA 2; PerfecTress Hair Extensions
What kind of hair extensions do you wear? PerfecTress Hair Extensions About a year ago I had my first set
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Top 5 Liquid Eyeliners
Anyone who has had the pleasure of being in my company for more than an hour or two knows that
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Extending Hair: A Love Affair
My relationship with hair extensions can best be described as many dating relationships are; it’s complicated. My mercurial moods regarding
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