Anyone who has had the pleasure of being in my company for more than an hour or two knows that I take my eyeliner VERY seriously. I have worked for 5 years to perfect the liquid eyeliner wing and some days getting that line smooth and even across both of my eyes can feel equivalent to summiting Mount Everest. I am asked very often to give recommendations on my favorite liquid eyeliners, so today I am rounding up my Top 5, ride-or-die liquid eyeliners.

However, before I show you my 5 favorite liquid eyeliners, let me first give you a few tips and pieces of advice on tackling this difficult beast!

Tips & Tricks for Liquid Eyeliner:

  1. Practice, practice, practice. Seriously. It takes so many rounds of trial and error before you can feel confident in your ability to make a smooth line with liquid eyeliner. And don’t try your practice session when you are putting on your makeup before a big event! When I am trying something new with my makeup, I always like to practice at night right before I am going to wash my face. Then I’m not under pressure to deliver results and if it turns out horrible I can wash it right off!
  2. Sit somewhere that you can hold your arm steady and balance your hand on the side of your face. You can’t make a straight line if your hand is shaking all over the place.
  3. If you make a small mistake or need to sharpen up the edge of your wing, dip an angled brush into a small amount of eye makeup remover and run it carefully over your mistake.


1. Sigma | 2. MAC | 3. Lancome | 4. Stila | 5. Bobbi Brown

  1. Sigma Line Ace– At under $20, this liquid eyeliner is a great choice for girls on a budget! It packs a dark black punch without the high price tag, making it a winner in my book!
  2. MAC Brushstroke Liner– If it has a MAC label on it, makeup girls know it is going to be good! The formula on this one is easy to use and lasts all day.
  3. Lancome Artliner- The tip on this applicator is a little stiffer than some of the other options, making it less likely to wiggle around and cause those crazy bumps and lumps. A good choice for beginners!
  4. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid– This is my #1, holy grail, go-to liquid eyeliner! The tip is extremely thin, making it possible to achieve a super sharp cat wing. It takes a little practice to master this one, but it is so worth the effort for the end result!
  5. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Liquid Eyeliner– The formula on this one is a little thinner and I like that it is easy to smooth across the eyelid. The applicator tip is really thin on this one as well, making it easy to draw a thin line.


If you haven’t already, I truly hope you find a liquid eyeliner that works for you! Mastering liquid eyeliner was one of the hardest things I learned to do, but it is truly worth the payoff in the end!


All the ❤︎,