What kind of hair extensions do you wear?

PerfecTress Hair Extensions

About a year ago I had my first set of PerfecTress hair extensions installed by my hairstylist and I truly love the results! She uses the Connections version from the PerfecTress line, and I think they are the most realistic and easiest way to wear extensions. My stylist used two different colors of hair to really blend them into my real hair. They attach with a tiny bead to small sections of your own hair and once they are installed they can last up to a year. The initial installation of the full set takes around 2 hours with follow ups every two months to move them back up taking around an hour. The extensions start at the base of my head and go up in three rows across the back of the head. I also have two rows on the sides of my head running right above my ears.

How Much do Extensions Cost?

Obviously the price will vary depending upon your stylist and the type of extensions that you have, but I paid around $1400.00 for a full set. It is an investment, but I also save money by not needing haircuts (she just trims the ends each time I go) and by wearing them for a year.

What are the Pros to Using Beaded Extensions?

With PerfecTress extensions, there is no tape or glue on your hair, causing less damage to your real hair. They lay flat against your head and remain securely attached through swimming, sweating, exercise, etc. For me, it takes about a week after they are moved up for them to feel completely comfortable, but after that amount of time I really forget that I am even wearing them. Your extensions can be curled, straightened, and styled in any way that you would normally wear your hair….with the exception of the high ponytail. With a high pony the extensions will show, which is not a good look for anyone!

What are the Cons to Using Beaded Extensions?

For me, the biggest con is the itchiness and discomfort for the first week after they are installed/moved up. It takes a little getting used to, but after that first week I truly forget they are even there!


If you are interested in finding someone in your area who is trained to install PerfecTress extensions, visit this site to use the salon locator!


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