White Stripes

I consider myself a die-hard skinny jeans kind of girl, but I fell in love with these white striped wide leg pants when I tried them on a few weeks ago. My kids think they look crazy, but that is usually an indication that I am stepping outside of my fashion comfort zone- and I am trying to do more of that lately! These pants are so comfortable and easy to wear and sometimes I just need a break from skin tight denim.

I have been running around like a crazy person this week trying to get ready to leave for London and Dublin in 8 days! My children are true Texans that don’t own coats and my son wears shorts year round, so they are requiring a lot of shopping for this trip. I have been researching the best restaurants today and working on planning out our daily itineraries. I found the most amazing website for itinerary planning called TripHobo. I usually write down all of our details on paper and carry it around with me, but with TripHobo I can just drag and drop the different places we will be going and adjust the times accordingly. It has been such a great resource for this trip- I highly recommend checking it out!

All the ❤︎,