Vintage Pink Coat Ensemble

I couldn’t be happier about it being Friday! Today I am sharing a look that is very special to me, because this vintage pink coat is my very first real life vintage piece. I bought this coat in 2002 when I still lived in Missouri and I really needed cute outerwear for several months out of the year. I loved the color and I wore it often for a couple of years. But then, trends changed and it sat in my coat closet collecting dust for a long time. I boxed it up through each of our six moves and every time I asked myself why I was keeping this coat that I hadn’t worn in years.

Imagine my surprise, when in 2017, pink coats made a return! Fortunately, the cut of this coat is a classic, so it is possible to style it in 2017 just as easily as it was in 2002. It really is true that all fashion trends will eventually cycle back around if you wait long enough. Now if only I could add a wing onto my house to store all of my old clothes while I wait for them to become “vintage.” Honestly, though, I think the key is to hold onto classic investment pieces that can stand the test of time and then buy more affordable trendy pieces as they come and go. I have linked a few pink coats for you in classic trench shapes that will become closet staples in your own wardrobe.

My baby is home sick from school today, so I am trying to use the time at home to catch up on my neglected housework. Russel is hosting his poker group here on Saturday night, so I have to get the house to a presentable stage of being. I feel like I am constantly trying to keep my house in order and the people that I live with are constantly trying to revolt against me. It is a never-ending cycle! I hope you all have a great weekend!

All the ❤︎,