Leopard Lace

Happy Friday, friends! Today I am sharing a look (Leopard Lace) that is extremely versatile. It has pieces that can be mixed and matched in several different ways. This leopard coat is a statement piece that can instantly up the coolness of any outfit. Seriously. It pairs just as well with ripped jeans and a white tee as it does with my lace top and OTK boots. And I loved my OTK boots so much that I bought them in both flat and heeled to give me options depending upon where I am going. You know I can’t be doing long distance walking in big giant heels!

I know the name brand version of these boots are an investment, but the flat version have truly been so worth it for me. I spent a week walking all of New York in them and never once had sore feet! This lace top has the prettiest details and I just love the high neck line and the squared shoulders. If you don’t want to go completely sheer, throw a black cami on underneath!

As you may have noticed in these photos, it was CRAZY windy the day we shot this look. I should probably show you the blooper reel of the jacket falling off my shoulders and my hair covering my entire face. Russel kept telling me I was doing weird things with the jacket and my face. Mmhmm. Bye, Felicia.

All the ❤︎,