As women, we all tend to reside pretty consistently on one part of the comfort/fashion spectrum at different points in our lives.For some, wearing comfortable clothing for a long day of chasing toddlers or running errands is a non-negotiable. Other women feel most confident taking on the world in dressy fabrics and accessories. And some of us like to try it all, depending upon our mood on any given day!

Comfy Casual

My mother has never for a day in her life let fashion dictate whether or not she would be comfortable in her clothing. Those beautiful shoes that pinch your toes and rub your heels uncomfortably? She will not be wearing them. Jeans with very little stretch and a waistband that subtracts a couple inches from your stomach? Absolutely not. I’m pretty sure she would call the police if anyone ever tried to force her body into a pair of Spanx.

Fancy Pants

I, on the other hand, am a ride or die fashionista. Always have been. At three-years-old I insisted upon wearing heeled patent leather dress shoes with my overalls to preschool because nothing would come between me and a fashion statement. After a full night of wearing my Christian Louboutin heels, my feet lose all feeling and I am resigned to limping through the following day of my life. Does this stop me from wearing them when a special occasion is on the calendar? Absolutely not. My mother has always looked at my fashion over comfort choices with equal parts fascination and horror. So, clearly, we live most days of our lives at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Middle of the Road

Living a much more balanced existence, somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, is my 16-year-old daughter. She will occasionally wear a slightly less than comfortable trend, but most days she sticks to a tried and true formula of trend driven fashion without completely sacrificing her comfort. She is a middle of the road kind of girl and I often draw inspiration from her laid-back style choices.

Freedom of Expression

You, my dear reader, probably already know where your default style falls on the comfort/fashion spectrum. And guess what? You don’t have to abdicate your position to fit into anyone else’s definition of what makes great style. You have permission to express yourself through your fashion choices whether that involves the maximum amount of comfort or over the top glamour.

Today, I am providing you with inspiration and practical advice on styling one of my favorite tops in three different ways. I love this top because while it is comfortable and easy to wear, it also has special details like the eyelet lace and statement shoulders that elevate it from just a plain t-shirt. Any form of a statement shoulder or sleeve is a big trend for fall, so there are many options to choose from when looking for your own top to recreate these looks. From casual to glamorous, you choose the look that fits your individual style and preferences.


Casual & Comfortable

For a casual look, style your white top with skinny jeans and beautiful metallic mules! The key to staying comfortable all day in skinny jeans is picking a pair that have great stretch and these certainly fit the bill. Metallic shoes add a little visual interest to your look and the mule design is made for walking all day!


Trendy & Polished

For a slightly more dressy look, try wearing your white top with a simple pair of black shorts and an embellished mule. Black and white is a classic combination and the crepe fabric of these shorts gives them a polished appearance. The embellishment on these Steve Madden mules is amazing, and more importantly, they are super comfortable!


Full-Time Fancy

Finally, for a dressy night-out-on-the-town look, style your white top with a black leather skirt and classic black heels. The black and white color palette keeps this look simple while the leather skirt adds just enough edge to make sure it is never boring! If you are not as comfortable in a short skirt, you can also create this look with a pair of black dress pants. You can throw on a wide black belt and a set of statement earrings and that is all the accessorizing you will need for a show-stopping look!


Here are a few of my favorite white tops that you could use to recreate any of these looks:

Ruffled Sleeve Top | Clover Lace Blouse | Ruffle Top | Ruffle Front Shirt | Eyelet Layer Sleeve Tshirt


All the ❤︎,