I live in Texas, which means that the amount of days that we experience actual cold weather in a year is slim. But when you live in Texas for a long time, 50 degree weather suddenly feels like sub-zero temperatures to your body and you feel the need to pull out the parkas and gloves. For this reason, I have invested in a collection of outerwear that is mostly designed for residents of the northern half of the country but that I proudly wear here in the south during our few weeks of cold weather each year.

After many years of exclusively wearing black trench coats, I have started branching out into the world of colorful, textured statement coats and I have found that it is a really fun way to play with my wardrobe. When you let your coat do all the talking the rest of your outfit can remain relatively simple, which makes getting dressed a breeze. I have divided my favorite statement coats into four categories so that you can determine which one you would like to try first and start shopping!

Teddy Bear Coats

    • I love the color and fit of this Free People teddy bear coat! It looks so luxe, but has an affordable price tag that makes it really amazing!
    • This Kensie coat is also fantastic, because it has the tailored look of a blazer jacket and a longer hemline to cover the butt!
    • To make a major impact, I love a full length shaggy trench coat like this one from Whistles!

Faux Fur Coats

        • I LOVE a good leopard coat and this one from H&M is the perfect shape and print for under $60! You can’t go wrong with snagging a statement coat at that price.
        • Nothing says statement like a pink fur coat covered in stars! This Avec Les Filles coat makes an outfit and makes even a simple pair of black jeans and tshirt look fancy.
        • This Mother coat with shearling fur trim is seriously making me rethink my choice to abstain from buying more outerwear this season! I love a good light colored coat because you really stand out in a sea of people wearing black coats every winter!

      Sequin Jackets

          • Topshop is killing it with sequin jackets this season! This one with gold heart sequins is seriously so amazing and would be perfect for a holiday party or New Year’s Eve!
          • The camo pattern on this Sanctuary jacket creates the perfect juxtaposition between feminine and masculine. Camo is traditionally a masculine pattern, but when done in sequins it suddenly couldn’t look more feminine!
          • I certainly cannot justify paying $6,500 for a sequin jacket, but I had to include this Gucci topper in my list if for no other reason than to point out where the inspiration for this trend has come from. If you can afford this jacket, then by all means, invest in the O.G. and share a picture with me so I can live vicariously through you!

      Colorful Coats

          • I am crazy about the rich royal blue color of the Michael Kors coat! It is the perfect way to add some excitement to the traditional trench coat shape!
          • H&M is one of my favorite brands to shop for trendy pieces at an affordable price and this army green military coat is a fantastic find! At less than $35, if you change your mind about it next season you won’t have to feel bad.
          • This Madewell mustard yellow coat is an unexpected favorite of mine! I love the nubby texture of the fabric and the color is perfect for fall.

      All the ❤︎,