Today I am continuing my series on Holiday Party looks tailored for different types of women, and this post is dedicated to the Glamour Girl! If you love to wear clothes that make a statement, if you like to rock a sharp eyeliner wing or a bold red lip, or if your clothing and makeup choices can be described as a little “extra,” then you are a Glamour Girl. I particularly love Glamour Girl looks for holiday parties, when it is perfectly acceptable to let you inner Zsa Zsa Gabor come out to play!

The Glamour Girl can be thought of as a modern Brigitte Bardot, with a style that is feminine and sexy with sophistication and class. This is a woman who loves to make an entrance, is not afraid of bold color, and loves a modern spin on classic styles. Here are a few elements that you can use to create your own Glamour Girl holiday look!

Full skirts

Holiday parties are the perfect time to try out a voluminous, playful skirt that might otherwise be seen as over the top in everyday life. Full skirts come in many forms, including ruffles, pleats, and layers of tulle. Pairing a full skirt with a streamlined top will balance the proportions of your look and cinch your waist, giving you a flattering hourglass figure. Here are two of my favorite full skirt holiday looks for you to try!


Off the Shoulder

Strapless and off the shoulder dresses have long been worn by Hollywood bombshells because they highlight a woman’s beautifully delicate collar bone and create a beautiful frame for the shoulders and face. Choosing an off the shoulder dress with a longer hemline will ensure that the look stays classy and sophisticated. Here are two looks that I am absolutely in love with!


Whether you choose faux or real, nothing makes a statement like the glamour and elegance of a fur jacket. These toppers are technically functional, but a glamour girl wears fur because she knows the right accessories can make or break a look. Try a leopard print coat or a winter white vest for a guaranteed best dressed holiday party look!

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